Kids Choice Awards

Happy End of the Year!! I shared about my most favorite event of the entire school year over at The Primary Peach! The Kids Choice Awards is so much fun and a great way to celebrate all of the fun things that went on throughout the year! And, the best part the kids completely run the show!

You can read all about how I use this fun event in my classroom at The Primary Peach!

Smiles and Shapes! Hands-On Shape FUN!

One of my goals at the beginning of this year was to make my lessons much more engaging. I really want my kids to love being at school, love being in my class, and have a true love of learning. Even as an adult, learning is so much better when I'm really engaged!

For the last couple of weeks my firsties have been learning about shapes, and to be completely honest, even I was a little bored. The activities that I had planned were good, but it was too many worksheets and not enough FUN! I knew we needed something more engaging and wanted to see those precious smiles!!

We started by going on a Shape Safari to search for shapes! We made super easy binoculars out of construction paper and yarn. I literally just rolled the paper and taped the two pieces together to form binoculars! If I had thought of this early enough, I probably would have had parents send it toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls but there's always next year, right!?This was SO much more fun than just going on a shape hunt around our classroom!

I LOVED having my firsties become builders and build Shape Structures! I ordered the cutest little construction hats from Amazon to really set the mood! They were given marshmallows and toothpicks and I just let them explore. We discussed what exactly the toothpicks and marshmallows represented in regards to 2-D and 3-D shapes, but I wanted them to really investigate and explore building shapes on their own. I loved watching their little smiles light up while they were building!

The next activity was SUPER Shapes Snacks! I mean anything with food involved has to be amazing, right!? I had my parents donate different 3-D snacks- bugles, cereal, nutty bars, Hershey kisses, marshmallows, cheese cubes, cheese balls, and pretzel sticks!

My students were given a plate full of random snacks and had to sort them by their shape. Then, after they were finished sorting they had to graph their snacks. So fun!

Another favorite is {Shape Suspects}!!!! Students can become police officers- badge and all! This activity can be completed whole group OR as an Around the Room activity! 

Meet Shape Smiley! How cute is this adorable little shape with a big smile on his face!? I LOVE giving my students an opportunity to be creative and these little craft-tivities are the perfect way!
I copied each shape on different colored paper, but you could easily copy it all on white paper and have them color and decorate their Shape Smiley!!

You can find all of these fun activities in my Smiles and Shapes Unit!

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Happy 1st Blogiversary: A Giveaway and Freebie!

Happy 1st Blogiversary to the Primary Peach!!! It's hard to believe this little blog of ours is already a year old! We are so excited to be celebrating with YOU!!!! We've got an AMAZING giveaway over at our blog and each of us is giving away a fun freebie!!!

We really appreciate YOU and all your support for our blog, so we wanted to share some freebies with all of you! I just LOVE making people smile, it really is contagious! Especially when I know someone is having a difficult day, or week, or even year! 

I created this little bag of sunshine as a {Positive Present} for one of my co-workers to help make her day and hopefully spread a smile! I filled a yellow gift bag with yellow snacks! VERY simple! You could even use a cute little basket from the dollar store! 

Do you want to help spread a smile with a positive present!? Grab these little tags here! There are a few different sizes and tags to include bags, boxes, and gifts! 

And, make sure to head to The Primary Peach for your chance to WIN and Erin Condren gift card!!!

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Team Sour VS. Team Sweet! An Opinion Writing Activity!

Once upon a time, it was the week before spring break and we needed a FUN writing unit to complete to help us {SURVIVE} the week. We just finished our Opinion writing unit and I didn't want to start on our Brilliant Biographies unit until after we returned from the break! I thought it would be fun to do more of a structured {but fun} writing mini-unit that would last about a week! And well who doesn't love candy! So, Team Sour Vs. Team Sweet was created!

We started by brainstorming sour candies and sweet candies. We made a list as a class, and then students made their own lists independently.

While they were making their lists I passed out bags of sweet and sour candies for a TASTE TEST! I mean, let's be honest, this was the funnest part!

For our taste test I just grabbed what was on sale or clearance at Target! I got three different sour candies and three different sweet candies! You could easily do this with one of each, or just have your students choose their team without a taste test!

After students completed their lists and eating their candy, they chose their team! They had to make a badge to show whether they were {Team Sweet} or {Team Sour}. We just taped it in on their shirts!

The next day, students started brainstorming reasons WHY they were on Team Sweet or Team Sour. They completed a bubble map to get them ready to start writing!

After completing a bubble map, students were able to complete their graphic organizer to organize their thoughts. This graphic organizer was the same one that students used for our opinion writing unit from my OREO Opinion Writing Unit!

Then, it was finally time to write! Students wrote about WHY they were on Team Sweet or Team Sour and tried to persuade others to join their team!

Seriously one of THE funnest writing units we've done this year. Which team are you on!?

Grab this fun opinion writing activity here!

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ADDmazing Addition!

I'm going to be honest, when I moved back to first grade this year the math intimidated me. Not because of the difficulty level, but because of having to go back down to the level of a firstie and make sure I wasn't teaching over their heads. And I only moved from 2nd to 1st, I can't even imagine what it would be like moving from 4th or 5th down to first grade math!

It took me a little while to get a good feeling for teaching math to first graders again, and this Addition unit REALLY helped!

My district has really changed the sequence of how we teach math this year. In the past few years, we have taught different concepts throughout each grading period. However, this year during each grading period we have a major focus on a specific domain. This past grading period our focus was on Operations and Algebraic Thinking. Since this is such an important concept and really sets up the foundation for these little learners, I wanted to make sure my students were engaged and excited about learning different strategies for adding!

We began the unit by discussing basic addition and focused on all things ANIMALS! We learned what it means to add and practiced by adding animals together. Then, we played {Pet Shop Party} and moved around the room to solve addition problems!

Then, we learned all about Counting On by adding bubble gum! My students used a bubble gum machine and little bubble gum pieces as manipulatives. I had them keep these in their math notebooks to practice throughout the week, if needed. We ended this mini-unit by playing {Bubble Gum Bump}.

We extended our counting on lesson by becoming frogs and hopping along the number line! I set up a life-sized number line in our classroom and had students wear frog hats to practice counting on! SO much fun!!!

We glued in our mini-anchor charts and practiced counting on with our mini frogs and number lines. Then, we played Four Frogs in a Row!

We moved right into learning about Doubles facts by becoming SUPER heroes!!! We got to practice our doubles facts by coloring these super cute super heroes and by playing Doubles Dash!

I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream!!! Learning about Near Doubles/Doubles Plus One was double scoops of FUN! We practiced this a lot on the Smartboard. The Double Scoops of Fun game was great extra practice for students that struggled with this concept.

Making Ten was tons of fun. My students were really engaged by the picnic themed lessons! We started by figuring out all the ways to make ten using ten frames on the Smartboard! Then, we played "Shake the Apple Tree" and recorded all the different ways the yellow and red apples fell off the tree!

We finished up by being detectives and solving the "Mystery of the Missing Addend"  My firsties LOVED being detectives and having to solve mysteries around the room while "proving their case" and showing their work! 

Want to play "The Mystery of the Missing Addends" with your students!? Grab this freebie in my Teachers Pay Teachers store

This unit was Oh, So Much FUN! My firsties were engaged and truly did learn SO much about addition! We've been rocking addition facts solving word problems and Number Talks! Proud, proud teacher!!

You can grab this {Addition Unit} in my Teachers Pay Teachers store! 

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Winter Blog Hop Giveaway

Happy February- the fun-filled month with lots of LOVE and wonderful winter fun!!! I am so excited to be participating in this Winter Fun Blog Hop & Giveaway with some fabulous educators!!!  We put together an amazing e-Book that is JAM packed with amazing resources! Seriously, you don't want to miss out on this one! And, make sure to follow the Blog Hop to win $100 TPT Giveaway!!! So much FUN in this little blog post!

I'm going to be honest, I am already dreaming of spring (and maybe a snow day before spring actually comes). But, since it's still so cold outside we are still focusing on all things winter in my classroom.  One of my absolute favorite activities to do during the cold winter months is this {Snow Fun Craft and Writing Activity}!!

There are SNOW many fun books to read about snowmen and SNOW! You could definitely use this activity with fiction and non-ficiton read alouds!

If you've had a snow day OR you just want to have SNOW much fun in your classroom, grab this fun freebie in my store!

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I hope you have SNOW much fun in our hopping through the Winter Blog Hop and Giveaway posts!