Folk Tales, Fables, Fairy Tales, OH MY!

This probably has to be one of my MOST favorite units of the school year for reading! I absolutely LOVE getting to read all of these amazing stories to my kids! And, I also love how engaged they become in different versions of the stories!

This year, we started this unit with fables- well come to find out, we definitely should've started with folk tales considering fables and fairy tales are types of folk tales. Isn't that the best part about teaching though- now I know for next year and can change my lesson plans!

We made anchor charts to go over the three different genres and discussed what my kids already knew about each of them. Then, we got right into Fantastic Fables! Each day we read a different fable and recounted or retold the details of the story! I made a large graphic organizer (out of butcher paper) that we used each day to record the details. I really enjoyed listenting and reading the lessons and morals my students came up with for each fable! Their little minds are amazing!! {Completely forgot to take a picture, so sad!}

After we finished up fables, we moved right into Fabulous Folk Tales! We compared the differences between folk tales and fables and then started a new graphic organizer! I really enjoyed the stories I picked up for teaching folk tales. We started with Anansi and the Moss Covered Rock retold by Eric Kimmel and retold the details of the story. If you have never read the Anansi books, you are missing out! These are really fun folk tales and the kids really seem to enjoy them! Then, we moved into Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears byVerna Aardema (another great folk tale!). This one really allows the students to see that folk tales discuss legends! It's a fun story that describes why pesky mosquitoes actually buzz in our ears! Then, we started reading various versions of Stone Soup! These are the three different versions I read with each of my students. (Click on each picture for the link to view each book!)


Each day after we read the story, my students filled out a graphic organizer to compare and contrast the stories. For these stories I didn't write on the large graphic organizer, I really wanted to see their personal thoughts and details of the story! With all of these unplanned days of {SNOW DAYS} I didn't get to make Stone Soup with my kids-has anybody done that???? I'd LOVE to do it next year!

After finishing up folk tales, we moved right into Fairy Tales! Now, this is my absolute {favorite}. Maybe it's the little girl in me, but who can resist Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After! This one took a few weeks to complete because we were having so much fun and there are a TON of fairy tale books! Since we spent so much time on Fairy Tales, this part of the blog is going to have to be continued... Otherwise this would turn into a whole book! 

Have you done any fun activities in your classrooms for folk tales, fables and fairy tales?
I'd LOVE to hear!

Happy Teaching,

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