Usually a post about a snow day would be full of excitement and fun! Well, this snow day experience has defintely been full of excitement, but I wouldn't call it fun!

If you know anything about Atlanta, you know that we don't get a whole lot of snow and winter weather. The news was predicting that the metro Atlanta area would get 1-2 inches of snow yesterday, but that it wouldn't come until later in the day. So, Tuesday morning I dropped Camden off and headed to school, expecting maybe an early release! By 10:00am, we knew we were dismissing 2 hours early-my kids were so excited!

When the kids started leaving around 12:00pm, the snow was coming down pretty heavily and news started travelling around that the roads were already starting to get bad. I decided to head home right after all my kids left thinking that I would have time to stop and grab lunch for my boys and I and enjoy the rest of the afternoon at home!

My friend Theresa over at True Life I'm a Teacher and I decided to follow each other since we live fairly close to each other-boy am I thankful for her! Neither of us realized we were in for the drive home of a lifetime! My normal 30 minute commute turned into a 6 1/2 hour commute! Yes, you read that correctly. Over 6 hours!! Pregnancy hormones and anxiety did not mix well in this situation!!!! Here is a little peek at what my view looked like:

Everyone in Atlanta decided to head home at the same time and a lot of people had to pick up their kids from our school district and the neighboring districts-who all dismissed around the same time. Just imagine a million people trying to leave a city at the exact same time! Complete. Chaos. We had poor high school students and middle school students who weren't able to get home :( Some were stuck on buses and some were stuck at schools. A lot of administrators and teachers in our county ended up having to spend the night at school, my school included!

So, after probably the scariest drive home of my life (I've never had to drive in wintery conditions!) I made it home!  My drive home was complete with a lot of sitting, a lot of sliding, and singing! I was very proud of my car for handling the ice so well! I admit, there were tears as soon as I pulled in our driveway and saw my husband and son!

Needless to say, I refused to go outside today! I don't want to be in my car for at least a couple of days-until all this ice melts! I was able to get a lot done around the house and even created a fun freebie to do with my kids whenever we head back to school!

Enjoy my SNOW Fun! Craft and Writing Prompt! Your kids can create a cute little snowman and write about all of their fun snow day adventures!

I hope that everyone is home safe and warm! Hopefully nobody will ever have to go through anything like that ever again!

Happy Teaching,


Reviews We Can Use!

Hello Friends! I hope everyone is doing absolutely fabulous! I hope everyone is staying warm! It was gorgeous outside in Atlanta on Monday, and now it is freezing!!! No wonder why I am sick!

This week we started working on writing our "Reviews" to share our opinions with the world! I absolutely love opinion writing in the classroom, and I always have so much fun teaching this unit! I don't have a set curriculum that I use to teach opinion writing, I usually just pull from different resources and teach as I go! :) I was super lucky and got to go see a model classroom last year. The teacher was in the middle of her opinion unit- I borrowed a lot of her ideas to use in my own classroom! Has anybody ever had this opportunity before? It's really amazing getting to watch other people teach; I wish that I was able to do that more often!

Anyway, this week to start our reviews we visited the website Kidz Vuz- has anybody ever been there before? If you haven't, you really need to check it out! Great way for kids to watch other kids share their opinions/reviews on kid friendly topics! We used this website to create some anchor charts and then came up with our own ideas for reviews!

My kiddos used this graphic organizer to make a list of things they felt strongly about and possible opinion writing topics. Click here or on the picture for this freebie!

After we came up with our list of topics, it was time to start organizing our thoughts! I made this quick graphic organizer so that my students could organize their own review, and the best part is, it matches perfectly with the 2nd Grade Common Core opinion standard! Seriously, nothing fancy- but it gets the job done and it's FREE for you!

Next week, we're going to use these graphic organizers and actually start writing our reviews! I'm so excited to read them! I hope these quick little resources help you in your classroom with your opinion writing!!
Make sure to check back for updates on our reviews!!

Happy Teaching,