{fabulous} Facts and {outstanding} Opinions!

After winter break, my fabulous team and I started team planning. For the last seven years, I've been planning everything by myself. Every. Single. Subject. Of course my team has shared and borrowed and given each other ideas, but we were all planning separtely and spending our Sundays on school work instead of with our families. I'm fortunate that I have some absolutely fabulous ladies on my team who have very similar teaching styles to me, so we decided to split up each subject and share the work!

For this grading period, I am planning all of our writing instruction. It is amazing to put all my energy into writing. Our focus this grading period is Opinion writing, so last week we focused on distinguishing between fact and opinion.

We started by creating an anchor chart and sorting words that describe facts and opinions under each definition.

Then, students created their own flipbooks to record the definitions and write the description words under each heading.

The next day, I put different sentences on our Smartboard and students had to tell whether they were facts or opinions (this could also be done as an around the room activitiy). Are you noticing the candy theme!?

Then, they sorted their own sentences. 

They have a much better idea of facts and opinions, and had lots of fun learning about the difference! 

What are your favorite activities to teach fact and opinion? 

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