Fairy Tale Fun!

What can I say, I'm a sucker for fairy tales! So of course, teaching fairy tales is easily one of my favorite units to teach! This year we didn't get to do as many crafts as I would usually like, so I wanted to do something fun to celebrate our learning and hard work!

I love a good project. And, my kids absolutely LOVE a good project. So, to celebrate the end of our fairy tale unit my sweet seconds completed a {Fairy Tale Fun} project!

I know how important it is for kids to have options, especially when they are completing things at home and don't always have certain supplies available to them. So, I created three different options.

I sent home this letter to all the families, as well as all the papers for each option. You could easily have the kids send something back to tell you which option they choose and send home only that option, but this was just easier for me and a major time saver!

These projects turned out SO incredibly cute! I was so proud of the creativity and thoughtfulness my kids put into these projects! We loved presenting them- and I loved a chance to get in another Speaking and Listening grade!

Aren't these so much fun!?

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  1. I teach fairy tales in the spring and the kids love it!!! This unit would just enhance what I already do. Thanks for sharing your talents.

  2. We have a fairy tale ball at the end of the year for our Kindergarten students. This would be a great way for the kids to get their families involved! Love it!

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