B2S Building Blocks: Building Relationships

It's week 2 of the Building Blocks of Back to School link up with Stephanie from Mrs. D's Corner! And, this week is all about Building Relationships- one of THE most important pieces to have a successful year!

I think it's important to build relationships with everyone!

In order to build relationships with my students, I do something extremely simple- TALK! That's right, I just talk to them. I honestly don't do any special surveys. I just spend time talking to them. During the first couple weeks of school, instead of always focusing on assessing them on their work, I simply have a conversation with them. I ask them questions about their interests- favorite foods, siblings, favorite tv shows. They just love to share!

Something I tried this year to help with relationships AND lunch time behavior is eating lunch with my kids during lunch. At our school, my students eat lunch in the cafeteria and we have monitors. I spent the first week of school eating with my kids to model correct cafeteria behavior and spent time talking to them! I sat next to a different group of students each day. Simple little lunch time chats really helped begin a positive relationship! 

One of the very first things I do to build a positive relationship with my parents is have them write me a letter about their child. I send their {homework} home on the very first day of school. My kids always LOVE that their parents are the ones that have homework! I tell them to let me know their childs likes/dislikes, strengths/weaknesses, their goals and hopes for their child, and anything else they want me to know from who knows their child best! Let's be honest- their child is their pride and joy and I've never met a parent that doesn't love bragging on their kid, and this is the perfect time for it! I've had so many parents thank me for giving them the opportunity to write this letter, and it's really just the perfect way to start the year! 

Communication is key in building positive relationships with parents. It's important to me to communicate with my parents as often as I can. I try to update my classroom blog as often as possible. I also send home a weekly newsletter- {A Peek at our Week}. I use Remind to send home reminders to parents. Check out the blog post I did at The Primary Peach about how easy it is to use Remind! It's not always easy, and it can be time-consuming, but it's so important to communicate as often as possible! When my own son started school it made me realize even more how important communcation really is and how parents really do want to know what is going on in their child's classroom! 

Make sure to head to Mrs. D's Corner to read more about Building Relationships! And, head back next week for some First Week of School activities!

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