B2S Building Blocks: First Week of School Activities

Welcome back for Week 3 of the Building Blocks of B2S!! I'm just a {little} behind on these posts, but I'm here and that counts, right!?

This post is dedicated to some fabulous activities to do the first week of school! The first week of school is one of my favorite weeks of the year. I just LOVE planning fun, get-to-know-you, get back into the swing of things activities! 

This is probably my FAVORITE activity to do on the first day of school. It's a great activity for community building and one that you can use throughout the year. 
And all you need- a ball of yarn! 

Ignore the dirty carpet! 

For this activity, all the students (and YOU) sit in a circle! I start by holding the ball of yarn and share something about myself. Then, I hold onto my piece of the yarn and throw the ball of yarn to someone else. They share their name and something about themselves, then hold onto their piece and throw the ball to someone new. It continues until everyone has shared and there is a large web of yarn in the middle of the circle! We talk about how unique this web is to our class and that it cannot be broken! We talk about how it would be completely different if just one person was not in our class, and that it would change if there was someone else in our class. 

This activity continues whenever a student leaves- we get out the SAME ball of yarn and share things about that student that we will miss. And, we do the same activity whenever a new student joins our class. We tell them all about the procedures and routines of our class! On the last day of school, the ball of yarn comes back for the last time! We make a new web and share our favorite memories from the year! 

Love, love, love this activity! 

In math, I've started the last few years with the exact same activities. Even going back to first this year, I STILL used these activities. I've always loved Amy Lemons, and this unit makes me love her even more!

Her "Let's Get Started: Beginning of the Year Math Activities" is the best way to start the year in math- I promise! 

Your students are get to sort {Tools vs. Toys}, explore math tools, and work on team work! It even has the cutest little Mathematician craft! 

I just love giving my students the opportunity to play and explore our math manipulatives at the beginning of the year, so they are less likely to want to play and explore later on! 

Instead of just having my students write the typical, "This Summer I..." this year we wrote about why this summer ROCKED! I started by reading the book "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" and we created an anchor chart of all the fun things we did over the summer! Then, my kids created these cute little guitars and wrote about their summer! It's been the cutest addition to our hallway! 

Make sure to head back to Stephanie's blog for even more First Week of School activities!

Happy Teaching!

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