B2S Building Blocks: Meet the Teacher

It's here! It's here! Back to School is here!! I'm so excited about this series from Stephanie at Mrs. D's Corner to share the Building Blocks of Back to School!!!

The first part of this series is all about {Meet the Teacher}- such an important event! First impressions mean SO much and are incredibly important! It's all about setting a positive tone for the year, building a relationship with your students and their families, and sharing important information!

At my school, we call this particular event Sneak a Peek- and that's exactly what it is- a peek! It's not an extravagent event with a long presentation. It's simply a time for students and families to meet the teacher. Our Open House is where we share TONS of information with parents!

First things first, don't stress about your room NOT being completely ready! To be perfectly honest, my room has never been "complete" at our Sneak a Peek! We've been in school for a couple days now, and I still don't have my alphabet up, my new library labels to match our theme, or official name tags on the students' desks! And, it's okay!

Here is my classroom a couple hours before Sneak a Peek! Still trying to hang up some borders! 

Here's my room all ready for Sneak a Peek! 

I always use this time to get some important information from my students' families. Sometimes I may only see them once more throughout the school year, so it's important for me to have them fill out their information/contact sheet and a transportion information sheet. 

I don't like overloading my families with information to fill out, so these are the only two forms that I have them fill out at Sneak a Peek. I always make sure to copy these on colored paper. I make sure to copy all the information sheets that they can take home on white paper. This makes it really easy to know which forms they need to fill out when there is a bunch of papers on their child's desk. 

I also make sure to leave a fun little treat for my students! Last year I used Starburst and this year I used chips! Both tags are a freebie in my store!

The MOST important part of Meet the Teacher is setting a positive tone for the year. My biggest advice- SMILE! 

A smile means so much and let's be honest, who wants to walk into a classroom with a grumpy teacher. I know I wouldn't want my kids in a class with a teacher who wasn't smiling when I met them! 

I'd LOVE to hear all about your Meet the Teacher event! Make sure to head back to Mrs. D's Corner to read all about what other teachers do for this special event and share your own!

And, check back next week for Week 2: Building Relationships! 

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  1. You have SUCH a cute and inviting classroom! I agree - Open House (as we call it) is a great opportunity to set a positive tone for the year with families!