HP Instank Ink= Printer LOVE!

I don't know about you, but I used to dread printing things in color. I loved the way it look, but I hated thinking about how much it cost. #poorteacher! For our old printer, ink usually cost us around $50 and wouldn't last long at all. I only printed the most important things and would print everything else on my school printer on colored cardstock. It worked. I just always wanted more! All these pretty little things I was creating, and I wouldn't let myself print them!

Enter HP Instant Ink. I first heard about this on Instagram, and to be perfectly honest, I thought it was too good to be true. I mean printing 100 FULL color sheets each month for only $5! Couldn't be real, right!?

The best part- it is REAL! There is a list of eligible printers on the website and I chose the most basic printer. I only need it for printing classroom (and some home) things, so I didn't need anything fancy!

I paid $59.99 at Best Buy, but I've heard other people have got some much better deals on the same printer! A lot of the printers are also available on Amazon!

I also purchased an enrollment card, which made signing up SUPER easy! It's all done online. You simply just follow the steps and you are enrolled! You don't have to have the enrollment card, you can easily enroll on their website!

It took about a week for my {welcome} package to come, and in that time I had a lot of pages just waiting to be printed! Luckily my printer came with some ink- but it's the beginning of the year and this teacher has a TON to print!

The welcome kit contained two ink cartridges and a return package to recycle your ink cartridges when they are finished. The cartridges are supposed to have A LOT more ink than usual cartridges, so they should last a lot longer than my old ink cartridges. As soon as they are getting low, the printer will tell HP when to send you more ink!

There are three different options you can choose from ranging from $3 a month to $10 a month, depending on how much you print. Since you are not signing a contract, you can easily switch from the various options once you figure out what is best for you! If you print more, there are additional printing charges for a great deal! And, if you don't use all your pages, there are rollovers- doesn't that remind you of cell phone minutes!

So far, I'm really impressed with the quality. And the fact that I'm getting to print 1200 pages a year for what I was paying for ONE pair of ink cartridges- makes this teacher's heart VERY happy!

Happy Teaching!


  1. I have really been considering this! I think I might be sold now! Thank you for the honest review and information!

  2. Thanks so much for this post! I was debating on getting on board with this, but now I'm convinced. I will be purchasing a printer next weekend and enrolling in this program.

  3. Can't wait till this is available in Canada!

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