Reflect and Refresh! {Part Two}

Is summer really over!? It went by Way. Too. Fast. And of course that to-do list that I had going all summer did not get finished. Not even close to finished. But, I did get spend some quality time with my three favorite people! We even made it to the beach and I promised myself that I would focus on myself and my family and NOT work!

That relaxation was MUCH needed and now I'm ready to start the school year! I'm excited to be linking up with some incredible teachers for Part Two of the Reflect and Refresh linky and share what I'm looking forward to this year! 

Communication: This year I really want to try something new in my classroom to communicate with families! My son's preschool classroom uses a program called Kid Reports to send us updates and pictures throughout the day. I absolutely LOVE seeing what they are learning about during the day so that I am able to talk to him about everything once we are home. His teacher sends us anchor charts, song lyrics, and pictures of their learning in action! I'm planning on setting up a private Instagram account to post pictures of the fun things going on in our classroom! I'm waiting to make sure I send home the correct forms from our school district before I begin. I'll admit mixing social media and my classroom does make me nervous, so I want to make sure I do everything correctly! 

Check out Ashley from Teach Create Motivate's post on using Social Media in the classroom! 

Organization and Classroom Management: This year is going to be super exciting! Since I'm teaching in a multi-age classroom and going back to first grade I want to make sure that I am super organized! I've always created notebooks for each subject to keep track of my students' progress, but this year I am going to be pro-active and get everything set up NOW! I want to make sure I take LOTS of notes on my students progress and keep all the information in these notebooks. Note to self: Create notebook covers! I've also got my Organized Teacher Notebook all set up and my Erin Condren planner is already filling up! 

Content: This year I'm teaching first grade in a multi-age classroom with first and second graders! I am SO excited to be teaching with one of my teacher besties who is an incredible teacher AND move back down to first! However, since we have to make sure that our students are getting their appropriate standards, this year is going to be challenging! The planning is crucial in this particular situation. We are mapping out exactly what we are teaching each week and comparing the first grade standards and the second grade standards. And, since our first graders will most likely be in our class again next year as second graders, we need to make sure to use different units and activities next year. So, we are writing down everything we do! I printed off these Monthly Planning Guides to keep track of our year! 

My Big Summer Project: Like I said earlier, my to-do list from the summer was definitely not finished! I didn't look for many first grade resources this summer, but I know I will find them throughout the year as I'm teaching! I did work on some fun classroom decor DIY projects for our classroom! 

My Silhouette Cameo was my best friend for the last few weeks of summer! I'm loving how our bulletin boards turned out!
Make sure to link up what you are {Looking Forward} to this year!

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