The Primary Peach!

Hello Friends! I am SO excited to introduce you to The Primary Peach, a new collaborative blog featuring Georgia Elementary Teacher Bloggers! I'm seriously so excited to be blogging with my sweet friends from the peach state and we can't wait to share all our sweet ideas with YOU!

And, what better way to get our blog started than with a TON of FREEBIES for you to get through the end of the year madness!! We know what a crazy time of year it can be, so we've created some amazing freebies for you! Make sure to go through the blog hop! And, there is an {amazing} giveaway going on over at The Primary Peach

But first, we want to introduce you to the teachers behind The Primary Peach!

I'm Chandra! I'm a primary teacher with experience in first grade and second grade! I'm currently teaching second grade but {stay tuned} for my future plans! I absolutely love teaching and building positive relationships with my sweet students! I love making learning fun and enjoyable. I hope that experiences my students have in my classroom will become lifelong memories for them and help foster the love of learning! 

My family means the world to me! I'm married to Craig! We met in an education class in college and currently he is sharing his passion for education as an assitant principal at another elementary school in the same district! We have two sweet babies, Camden and Cora! Camden is four and Cora is one! 

At the end of every year, I always have my current kiddos write letters to the kids that will be in my class the next year! It's such a fun way to think about all the fun we had throughout the year and a great writing activity for the last week of school! I just love reading their letters and what they loved most about my class, and any tips they have for my future students! I hope you enjoy this End of the Year Letters to Future Students freebie!

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Now, you have to go meet my sweet friend Erin over at The Elementary Darling and check out her fabulous freebie!


Printing on Sticky Notes!

This is one of those things I saw on Pinterest awhile ago and just had to try in my classroom! It's seriously one of my favorite things to do now and SO easy! I use it a lot in my classroom, especially when writing commentary on students' work. In our district, we are supposed to post commentary on students' work in the hallway, which can be very time consuming! This little trick makes writing commentary MUCH easier! I also LOVE giving out little sunshine notes when one of my kids has had a great day or I want to let a co-worker know how much I appreciate them! 

Just follow these simple steps!


After downloading the template for the sticky notes, print it out!

Then, go back to the document and type in each box. I usually end up copying and pasting a lot of the text to make things easier and save time!

After this step, I usually make the lines on the boxes white OR transparent so that they do not print on top of the sticky notes. Simply click "No Outline" and they disappear or make the line white, but you can still type inside each box! Completely up to you!

If you are printing the {You are my Sunshine} sticky notes from my freebie, once you print the template and put the sticky notes on the template,  you just have to print the page with the sunshine sticky notes! They already have the white outline and are ready to go! 

Then, put the sticky notes on your template and put the paper in the printer. You may have to play around with the settings to print them correctly. For my printer at school, I have to put the paper in upside down and backwards! But, at home I have to put the paper in a different way. Just play!

Then, hit print and VOILA!

I'd love to know how you use sticky notes in your classroom!

Happy Teaching!