Trendy Teachers: What the Teacher Wore Wednesday!

Hello Friends! I have been looking forward to this collaboration for quite some time and I am so excited to introduce all of you to the {New and Improved} What the Teacher Wore Wednesday! I started this little link-up last year, and to be perfectly honest I didn't do such a great job. I absolutely LOVED the idea but just wanted something MORE!

Enter Lindsey from It's Elementary My Dear , Caitlin from Teach Inspire Change and Brittany from The Posh Teacher.  These ladies are seriously the definition of trendy teachers and are so incredibly inspiring, especially in the fashion department!

The four of us are so excited to bring you {Trendy Teachers} a weekly blog link up to share what we're wearing in and out of the classroom, fun fashion finds, teacher trends, and what's on our wish-lists! We would love for you to join us each week! Make sure to link-up below!

Here are some of my favorite outits I've worn recently. What's your favorite look?

Top     |     TJMaxx
Pants     |     Old Navy     
Shoes     |      Tieks
Necklace     |     Stella & Dot 

Top     |     Smart Set (Canada)
Pants     |     LOFT   
Shoes     |      Tieks
Statement Necklace     |     Stella & Dot 
Engravable Bar Necklace     |     Stella & Dot

Dress     |     Old Navy     
Shoes     |      Tieks
Necklace     |     Stella & Dot 

Denim Jacket     |    Gap
Dress     |     Old Navy     
Shoes     |      Nordstrom
Necklace     |     Stella & Dot 

Dress     |    LOFT
Necklace     |     Kendra Scott

Dress     |    LOFT
Shoes     |     Tieks
Necklace     |     Kendra Scott

As you can see, I'm a little bit of a statement necklace and Tieks addict! 

We would LOVE for you to join us and share your favorite teacher of the day outfits! To link-up with us, simply add your link below! The link-up will stay open starting on Wednesday mornings until the following Tuesday. Any non-fashion related posts will be removed from the link-up. When linking up, please use our Trendy Teachers logo! Thanks for joining us!


To the Teacher Who {TRIES} To Do Everything! What's Your Super Power!?

You try to do it all. Be the best teacher. The best wife. The best mom. The best blogger. The best daughter. The best sister. The best friend. The best everything. You wear lots of capes, and spend your day trying to be a super hero that possesses many different super powers. But it's hard. Really hard.

Your morning starts at 5:00am  If you want to try to get a workout in, then your alarm has to go off by 4:15am. You've got to get yourself ready as fast as you can before you wake up your kids. Then, it's time to get your kids up and dressed and out the door by 6:15am, because you really can't be late for work again. Oh how nice it would be to be able to fly! Your baby just really wants to spend some time with her mommy, and the mommy guilt is high when you have to leave her with the babysitter and hear her calling your name as you turn around and walk out the door. Enter teary eyes and a makeup refresher. You'd give anything to be able to be in two places at once today.

As soon as you walk into school your teacher cape is back on and it's reading conferences, and guided math, and lesson plans. You've got to make sure your lessons are differentiated and your students stay engaged. And then there is the calendar that you completely forgot to send home yesterday. And the teacher guilt sets in when you know you need to pull your student to work on RTI data, but you just need a minute to sit down- alone. And then there is the little girl that you just can't get out of your mind. Sometimes you wish you could just take her home.

You can't believe it, but it's already 4:00 and you've got to go pick up your own babies. They've had a great day, but they've really missed you. On the way home make sure to call your mom and your best friend to catch up. Then, it's time to cook dinner, but make sure it's healthy and clean. A boxed dinner just won't do.

When you finally kiss your kids good night and read them a bedtime story, it's time to clean up the house, do the dishes, and make lunches for the next day. Don't you wish you had a magic wand and could get it all done with the turn of your hand!?

Then, you better catch up on the blog post that's been in the back of your mind and finish that measurment unit you started weeks ago to use in your classroom and post on Teachers Pay Teachers. That little cha-ching is really needed right now, especially since it's almost the end of the month and your childcare bill is pretty much another mortgage payment.

Then it's finally time to crawl in bed and you finally get to have a conversation with your husband. The one that stands by your side, no matter what. He's your biggest cheerleader and you wish you could give him more of your time-he really deserves it. Time to plan a date night!

All these capes we wear can really wear us out. And while we try our best to be super heroes, the fact is, we aren't. We're humans that are just trying to do the best we can.

Sometimes it's important to take a step back. And relax. Really relax. Not just take a few hours off for yourself. But, really relax and enjoy what is important in life.

This past week I was lucky enough to go on a fabulous vacation with my family. I'll admit, I did bring my computer but I only opened it once- to order my daughter a dress for Halloween.

No school work. No blog posts. No creating math units or cute crafts with matching writing prompts. No lesson plans. Nothing. I wasn't trying to be in two places at once, or read someone's mind, or fly. I was able to just be myself with the people I love the most!

I focused on myself and my family. Those sweet smiles and cute cuddles were just what I needed to recharge all my capes. I made memories that will last a lifetime. I got to experience Disney with my children. I watched my son go down a water slide for the first time. I went to the spa with my sister. I woke up to my daughter calling my name and not an annoying alarm clock. I got to play card games with my dad. I went shopping with my mom in the nation's oldest city. I really enjoyed life.

I dare you to to take some time to yourself and enjoy the people around you that you love the most. Soak up the smiles and live in the laughter. Even if it's just a weekend spent at home. Don't open your computer and just relax!


Fall FUN!

It's here! It's here! Fall is finally here! I absolutely LOVE fall and I'm so excited to be celebrating this amazing season by linking up with my sweet friend Stephanie from Mrs. D's Corner for her {Happy Fall Y'all} blog hop!

Pumpkin coffee and pumpkin patches, football and festivals, and boots and bags! Fall is simply amazing! I love incorporating my love of fall into my classroom! I am so excited to share some of my favorite {Fall FUN} with you!!!

Fall read alouds are so much fun! I LOVE reading pumpkin books throughout October. Here are some of my favorites:

We read pumpkin books throughout the month and complete various activities. One of my favorites is this fun little pumpkin book craft! It goes perfectly with Spookly the Square Pumpkin and makes a cute bulletin board! (Make sure to grab this fun freebie below)

Then, to celebrate our love for pumpkins and reading, I always celebrate with a {Pumpkin Parade} at the end of October! This is a fun project to send home during the month of October and a great way to invite families into your classrooms! Students turn a pumpkin into their favorite book character and complete a book report! Then, we have a Pumpkin Parade! Students present their pumpkins and book reports to the class and all our families. We end the fun with pumpkin themed snacks! 

Fall activities are so fun! 

Make sure to go visit the Oh, so adorable Amber at Peppy Zesty Teacherista for more Fall Fun and another freebie! 


Classroom Reveal!!!

I'm SO excited to {finally} be linking up with Ashley from Schroder's Shenanigans in Second and Angie from Lucky Little Learners for their #2getherwearebetter link-up!

And, this month's link-up couldn't be more fun! I'm so excited to share my classroom with you! I'm really really really excited about it this year!

A little background- this year I am co-teaching in a multi-age classroom! I am teaching first grade and my teacher bestie, Laura, is teaching second grade! We share a classroom, but we actually have TWO classrooms. The partition in the middle is taken out so we have one large space!

This is our classroom view from my door! I waited to take pictures unti after school had started, so it's not still sparkly and clean!

This is the view from my table! 

Another view from my table! 

Oh how I wish I could hide those cords somehow! And, the corners on this carpet keep turning up!!! 

Our team signs hang above each table! 

Each team has their own table supplies! 

Australia! I LOVE using this space for a quiet place for students to chill out when they need to get away for awhile! I used a crib sheet to cover an older chair! Works for now! 

How cute are these stools that Laura made!? And, that fabric makes a lot more storage space!!

A close up of the stools!

LOVE my pencil from Tallahassee Sunday!!!!

LOVE this sweet little sign from the Target dollar spot! And, these fun letters were a DIY project this summer!

Laura made these fun curtains for our doors!!!

This is the view above our cubbies! It is right at the door when you walk in! I love using this space for newsletters, transportation changes, and any reminders we need to see! 

Another view of our door! 

LOTS of color!

I display our schedule EVERY day! We discuss it during morning meeting! I borrowed the idea for the "Today is..." from Ashley @ Teach Create Motivate!

Our bulletin boards are the perfect spaces to display our anchor charts! Reading and Writing are on my side of our classroom and Math and Content are on the other side! 

This is looking into my FAVORITE spot in our whole room, the classroom library!

I love using the magazing rack shelf to display all our books each month! I broke down and bought one last year and haven't regretted it once! 

I just LOVE our classroom library! 

Aren't those motivational posters fabulous!?

Thank you for taking a peek into my classroom this year! Make sure to head back to Ashley and Angie's blogs to check out ALL the fabulous classrooms!!