Ho Ho Ho Holiday Classroom Management!

Oh. My. Goodness. It's December and it is CRAZY!!!! I have the sweetest group this year. But, this....
I mean, they are only SIX and Christmas is just days away. Let's be real I'm thirty years old and I'm still crazy about Christmas!

To help with the fun behavior that the month of December brings, I've started using a couple things that were packed away in my storage closet and they are working like a charm! 

Many years ago, my classroom was a storage closet. Not literally, but almost! It was meant to be a workroom and since I was reassigned to the school AFTER the school year had started, this cute little workroom became my classroom! Since I didn't have a ton of space, I bought this teeny tiny little Christmas tree. 

Well, now that my classroom is much larger, I have a normal sized Christams tree! And, this was just used as a decoration! One of my sweet little firsties actually took it off one of our center tables one day and put it on her desk, and while I was telling her to put it back, I had a wonderful idea! That tree SHOULD be on their desks! And, voila the "{Holly Jolly Tree} was born! 

I use this little tree for positive classroom behavior. I told my students that an individual student OR an entire team can earn the {Holly Jolly Tree} by showing Holly Jolly behavior! There isn't a set amount of time that the tree stays on their desk. When I notice that another student or team deserves the tree, we move it. Super simple, but effective! 

In my classroom, we spend A LOT of time on the floor! So, since the {Holly Jolly Tree} can't be used all day, I decided to use one of my gingerbread man stuffed animals as another incentive- {One Smart Cookie} for smart behavior!

It works the same way as the tree, when I notice a student showing me smart behavior, they get to hold the gingerbread man on the carpet. I don't have a set time limit for this either. When I notice they start playing with it, or it becomes a distraction it is given to another student OR when I really notice another student is doing a great job, I ask them to pass it to that student! Again- SUPER simple!

I'm sure you have some old Christmas or holiday decorations packed away that would make great classroom incentives during this crazy, busy, festive month! What are your favorite tips to help control behavior during December!?

Happy Teaching!


Secret Santa!

I just LOVE this time of year! All the pretty lights, the time with family and friends, and the holiday shopping. Oh, the holiday shopping! I absolutely LOVE shopping for others! So, when Stephanie from Mrs. D's Corner mentioned a {bloggers} Secret Santa, I was, of course, ALL in!

I truly enjoyed shopping for my Secret Santa- Keri from Enchanted Kinder Garden! So much fun! This is such a busy time of year, that I almost forgot that I would be receiving a gift of my own!

You can only imagine my excitement  when I noticed this box at my front door!  When I noticed who it was from, my first thought was, "I haven't ordered anything from Kendra Scott recently!" I obviously had to rip it open immediately!

What an amazing surprise!? If you know me at all, you know my love for jewellry, especially Kendra Scott jewels! 

I've been so lucky to become friends with Stephanie from Mrs. D's Corner and we share a love for Kendra Scott. My heart was so happy when I read the sweet gift message and realized that she was my Secret Santa and sent me these incredible Kendra Scott studs! 

I mean, aren't those amazing!? I've already worn them a TON! They literally go with everything!!! 

Thank you SO much to Stephanie for hosting this fun Secret Santa AND for my amazing earrings! You are just the sweetest!!! 

Head to see what I got for Keri at Enchanted Kinder Garden and see what Stephanie at Mrs. D's Corner received!


Using Mini-Anchor Charts

One of my favorite resources to use in my classroom are mini-anchor charts! I wrote all about them over at The Primary Peach! Read all about them here!


Do you use mini-anchor charts in your classroom!?