Sharing Sunday- {Happy February}

Happy {almost} February! It's hard to believe that the very first month of 2016 is almost over! But, I am ready for February and all the lovely things that this month brings, especially February break and going on vacation with my sweet family! But, when I'm not on vacation I'll be having tons of fun in my classroom with my firsties! I am so excited to be linking up with The Primary Peach to share some of the fun things that I'll be using in my classroom this month!

First up is reading and all the fun I have planned for this month!

My favorite, favorite, favorite reading unit to teach is Fairy Tales! I love this {Happily Every After} unit because of the great graphic organizers, writing prompts, and cute little crafts that go along with some of my favorite fairy tales! We spend most of the month working on fairy tales! 

We do take a break from fairy tales to read some fun Valentine books! One of my all time favorites is Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch! and there are some great activities to go along with the book! 

Next up is writing, and I just LOVE teaching Friendly Letter writing during the month of February and having students write friendly letters to people they love. 

However, most of the month is spent on Opinion writing and writing reviews! This OREO writing unit is the perfect addition to your opinion writing unit, and best part it is FREE! There are tons of graphic organizers and anchor charts, and even writing paper to help you out!

Our biggest event this month is our Valentine exchange!

This year I am going to print these adorable BUMP games and give them to my firsties for Valentine's day as their cards! I ordered dice off Amazon and it ended up being a very inexpensive gift!

If you are needing a letter to send home, this letter from Simply Kinder is awesome!! 

And, of course we have to do the typical conversation heart graph!! 

Make sure to head back to The Primary Peach to check out even more ideas for February!!!

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100th Day Fun!

We have officially been in school for ONE HUNDRED days!!! It's hard to believe that we only have 80 days left and my firsties will be sweet seconds. Absolutely crazy!

We really enjoyed celebrating the 100th day of school with some fun activities in the classroom!

In the morning, we discussed what we would be like when we are 100 years old! We started by brainstorming ideas and making a bubble map of all the things we would do when we were 100! I was really impressed with all the ideas they came up with- working out to look like they are still 50, how cute!?

Then, I modeled writing about being 100 years old!

Students got to write about themselves at 100 years old, then they made these cute little crafts!

At the end of the day we went on a 100th Day HUNT!!! All you need for this fun activity are dot stickers and Hershey kisses (or any other small candy). Simply write the numbers 1-100 on the dot stickers and put a sticker on the bottom of each piece of chocolate! Then, you are ready for the fun!

My co-teacher and I each hid 100 Hershey Kisses around our classroom! Each Hershey kiss had a number on the bottom and as students found them, they put the chocolate in a bucket and colored in the corresponding number on our hundreds chart on the Smartboard!

It was easy to see what numbers (and how many kisses) we were still missing by what numbers were not colored in on the hundreds chart.

When we were finished, we discussed patterns on the hundreds chart and got to enjoy our chocolate! So much fun, and a perfect way to end the day!

Want to use these activities in your classroom? Grab them (and lots more) HERE!

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{Currently} January

Happy 2016! It's 2016 people. Wasn't it just 2006!? I mean really, time is going by way too fast. "The years are short, but the days are long" gets more true every year! 

I'm sharing what I'm {Currently} up to by linking up with fabulous Farley from Oh' Boy Fourth Grade! 

Listening- Today is a lazy day at home with my sweet little family. We are currently watching Frozen and I'm singing along with my littles! We've already watched Inside Out and I'm not sure what will be next! Maybe Happy Feet! 

Loving- Being home!! I just LOVE Christmas break and being home with my family. I absolutely love teaching, but I do love being able to spend quality time with my husband and kids. Definitely a perk to being a teacher!

Thinking- So, here it is- January- the month of the {really} broke teacher! We have to go 6 weeks without a paycheck, so this year January is officially NO SPEND January! Of course we have to spend money on the necessities- food, gas, bills, etc. BUT- I am not going to be making any unnecessary purchases on clothes, jewelry or other things that I don't need this month! It'll be a long 31 days, but I can do it!!! 

Wanting- I really, really, really need some motivation to create! When school ended a couple weeks ago, I had big plans to create and update over the break. I've only done one thing! Literally! I haven't been on my computer much at all. I've only got a couple days left and I really miss my motivation and creativity. It has been nice to be lazy, but I'm going to regret not getting to my super long to-do list during my time off!

Needing- My house is a complete disaster. Like, nobody is allowed to come over and see this mess, type of mess. Again, I need some motivation to stop watching movies and actually do something productive! 

One Little Word- SPARKLE! This year my goal is to sparkle and shine  in everything I do! I want to shine brightly as a wife, mom, teacher- everything! I want my life to shimmer with positivity and shine with happiness! 

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