Happy 1st Blogiversary: A Giveaway and Freebie!

Happy 1st Blogiversary to the Primary Peach!!! It's hard to believe this little blog of ours is already a year old! We are so excited to be celebrating with YOU!!!! We've got an AMAZING giveaway over at our blog and each of us is giving away a fun freebie!!!

We really appreciate YOU and all your support for our blog, so we wanted to share some freebies with all of you! I just LOVE making people smile, it really is contagious! Especially when I know someone is having a difficult day, or week, or even year! 

I created this little bag of sunshine as a {Positive Present} for one of my co-workers to help make her day and hopefully spread a smile! I filled a yellow gift bag with yellow snacks! VERY simple! You could even use a cute little basket from the dollar store! 

Do you want to help spread a smile with a positive present!? Grab these little tags here! There are a few different sizes and tags to include bags, boxes, and gifts! 

And, make sure to head to The Primary Peach for your chance to WIN and Erin Condren gift card!!!

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Team Sour VS. Team Sweet! An Opinion Writing Activity!

Once upon a time, it was the week before spring break and we needed a FUN writing unit to complete to help us {SURVIVE} the week. We just finished our Opinion writing unit and I didn't want to start on our Brilliant Biographies unit until after we returned from the break! I thought it would be fun to do more of a structured {but fun} writing mini-unit that would last about a week! And well who doesn't love candy! So, Team Sour Vs. Team Sweet was created!

We started by brainstorming sour candies and sweet candies. We made a list as a class, and then students made their own lists independently.

While they were making their lists I passed out bags of sweet and sour candies for a TASTE TEST! I mean, let's be honest, this was the funnest part!

For our taste test I just grabbed what was on sale or clearance at Target! I got three different sour candies and three different sweet candies! You could easily do this with one of each, or just have your students choose their team without a taste test!

After students completed their lists and eating their candy, they chose their team! They had to make a badge to show whether they were {Team Sweet} or {Team Sour}. We just taped it in on their shirts!

The next day, students started brainstorming reasons WHY they were on Team Sweet or Team Sour. They completed a bubble map to get them ready to start writing!

After completing a bubble map, students were able to complete their graphic organizer to organize their thoughts. This graphic organizer was the same one that students used for our opinion writing unit from my OREO Opinion Writing Unit!

Then, it was finally time to write! Students wrote about WHY they were on Team Sweet or Team Sour and tried to persuade others to join their team!

Seriously one of THE funnest writing units we've done this year. Which team are you on!?

Grab this fun opinion writing activity here!

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