20+ {Beginning of the Year} Gifts for Students

I feel like I was JUST trying to figure out what to get my students for the end of the year, and here we are- it's already time to head {Back to School}! My {End of the Year Gift Ideas for Students} post made it super simple to find easy and inexpensive gifts back in May, so I wanted to do the same for the Beginning of the Year! 

Now, let's get onto these easy and inexpensive ideas!

I mean, what a FUN way to end the summer and start the school year! You can get Cool Neon Sunglasses from Oriental Trading for less than $1 a piece!

I don't know what it is about these fun little bouncy balls, but kids seem to LOVE them! My own children always choose bouncy balls at our doctor's office! And, the best part is the price! You can get 48 of these things for less than $6 at Oriental Trading!

What kid doesn't LOVE candy! I was so excited when I found these cute little lollipops and started thinking of all the possibilities that they could be used for throughout the year! You can grab these lollipops here!  You could give your students any type of candy and I'm sure they will have a huge smile!

My co-teacher and I used these small bags of chips for our back to school gifts a few years ago, and they were SUCH A HIT! I loved having a few extras in my classroom so that students could trade out flavors AND we had some for younger siblings! You can get an entire variety pack from Amazon for under $10!

Starburst is always FUN! You can grab a entire box of 36 on Amazon for a great deal! 

Y'all know I LOVE anything DONUTS! I mean, anything. So, when I found these adorable Donut Yo Yo's from Oriental Trading, I had to get them!! You can get a dozen for only $6, so these are a great deal! You could also be really sweet, and just grab donuts from Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts, or from your local bakery! DONUT you know, that would be an amazing way to start the year! 

I mean, how ADORABLE are these Donut Lollipops from Oriental Trading!?

Glow sticks are ALWAYS a great option because of how fun and affordable they are! I love these Glow in the Dark Star Bracelets from Oriental Trading! 

I am SO excited about using these Personalized Pencils in my own classroom this year! I was honestly very shocked when I realized how affordable they are and I know they will make such a great gift at the beginning of the year! 

 I'm pretty sure Gummy Bears are my FAVORITE candy! I love these Haribo Gummy Bears from Amazon because they are pretty tiny and you can use the remaining gummy bears for other things in your classroom throughout the year!

 Because what kid doesn't LOVE crayons! Back to School time is a GREAT time to grab crayons at a great price! I even stock up for years to come!

And, for something a little different these Neon Crayons are so much fun! 

It's hard to believe, but it's o-FISH-ally time to go back to school! I just love using this little saying at the beginning of the year! You can grab an entire box of Goldfish Crackers from Amazon here! You could also use Swedish Fish OR cute little fish plush toys! 

Y'all- these Unicorn Characters are THE CUTEST little things ever!!! What a magical way to start the school year! 

I don't know what it is about these sticky little hands, but kids seem to love them. I'm not a huge fan of anything sticky- but it's for the kids! And, when you can get 72 Sticky Hands for less than $9, that is a GREAT deal! 

I just LOVE starting the year out in a HAPPY way! And, these cute little Emoji Discs couldn't be anymore HAPPY! There are TONS of different emoji toys to choose from on the Oriental Trading website! 

This year is going to be a BLAST! How adorable are these little Rocket Ship Erasers!!! Oh my goodness, they are just the cutest! You could easily put one on top of a pencil and your gift is good to go! If you've got a space themed classroom, these are a must have! 

So, if I were a six year old I probably wouldn't be too excited if I got a ruler from my teacher as a gift! But, if it were one of these INCREDIBLE Mood Rulers, that would completely change my mind! I am 31 years old, and y'all I couldn't stop playing with these fun, color changing rulers! As soon as you touch them, they change colors! So. Much. Fun. They are also less than $10 for a dozen, so a super great deal!

Fun Dip just reminds me of being a kid. There is just something about that powder and stick that screams FUN! It's a super FUN and cute way to start the year! 

Popcorn is always an easy gift! You can simply give your students a pack of popcorn to make at home! OR, create your own Popcorn Bar!!!  How adorable would it be to have different flavors of popcorn and popcorn bags that your students could scoop their popcorn into!? Such a fun way to start the year!! 

These cute little Guitar Bubbles are way too cute, and such a simple gift! And, if you aren't loving the bubbles- how fun are POP ROCKS!!!

I hope you got some EASY ideas for your Back to School gifts for your students! For even more easy and inexpensive ideas, make sure to check out the Oriental Trading website! If you are interested in the tags that I used, you can grab those right here

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