The Best Teacher Conference Ever!

This summer I had the opportunity to attend the Teach Your Heart Out Bahamas Cruise and had the most amazing time! From incredible professional development, to heart-warming experiences, and fun times with teacher friends- this conference goes down as one of the best teacher conferences that I have ever attended!

This was my first ever cruise and my first time leaving my littlest baby! This trip was much needed and came at the perfect time; right before my long term maternity leave ended! It was the perfect way to refresh my mind and energy for the classroom!

I am so excited to share all about my experience!
This cruise ship was literally full of teachers. Teachers weren't the only people on the boat, but they definitely made up the majority of the passengers!  It was also really cool to be in the same space as all the presenters and fun to see Gerry Brooks in different places! Since there were different events planned during the cruise, it was easy to tell who the teachers were because of what everyone was wearing! This cruise is for any teacher! You don't have to have a teacher Instagram account!

The Teach Your Heart Out presenters are incredible! I absolutely loved getting to learn from teachers that I admire! From Brittany at Miss 5th, to Ashlyn from the The Creative Classroom, and Brooke Brown from Teach Outside the Box, the presenters were incredibly knowledgeable and had so many amazing ideas to share!

Me and Brooke Brown from Teach Outside the Box!

The Teach Your Heart Out Cruise was an amazing conference that took place on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship! It was an amazing opportunity for teachers to attend professional development and get to relax at the same time! This was my first cruise, so I didn't really know what to expect or how much actual down time we would have from the conference. I actually only brought one bathing suit thinking I would never have time to go to the pool, and I was so wrong!

I loved meeting new friends! Kristin from School and the City, Jackie from Pocket of Preschool and Casey from Fairwinds Teaching

After boarding the ship the first day we were able to enjoy lunch in the buffet, then headed to relax in the pool for a few hours! It was a great way to start meeting other conference attendees and teachers! And really just relax for awhile! That night we ate dinner in the dining room and headed to the TYHO Welcome Luau! It was so much fun and the entertainment was amazing!

The next day was the actual conference and the day was broken into different sessions.  The first session I attended was by Brittany Root and Juan Gonzalaez! I loved learning different strategies to use in my own classroom, and can't wait to use an Escape Room!

The second session I attended was from Ashlyn from The Creative Classroom! Her Wild about Writing session focused on different writing strategies to engage your learners!

Then, we ate lunch and my afternoon session was Brooke Brown from Teach Outside the Box. Brooke shared all things STEM and Reading! I got so many different ideas and she shared resources with us to use in our classrooms!

During the afternoon we were able to spend a little bit of time at the pool before heading to dinner in the dining room and a show on the cruise ship!

On Sunday, our boat docked in the Bahamas! We were able to go to a local primary school and drop off school supplies for the students and teachers. This was an incredible experience and we even got to meet some of the students, teachers, and the principal!

The rest of the day we were able to spend time in the Bahamas, more time at the pool, dinner, and we ended the evening (and the cruise) with a Gerry Brooks show!

This particular conference is unlike any other because it doesn't take place in your typical conference center or hotel. We boarded the cruise ship in Miami, Florida and set sail for the Bahamas! The ship did dock one day on Royal Caribbean's private island Coco Cay, and one day in Nassau, Bahamas!

The ship even had a Starbucks! 

This conference was a 3 night cruise! I did choose to go into Miami one night early because TYHO hosted a Pep Talk comedy show and I didn't want to worry about my flight being delayed! Then, we were gone from Friday to Monday morning! I flew back to Atlanta on Monday afternoon!

Because, why wouldn't you want to attend professional development with absolutely amazing teachers on a cruise ship!? This conference was truly so incredibly and I am so thankful for this opportunity!

If you think you'd love to attend a conference on a cruise, you can SAVE YOUR SPOT for the next Teach Your Heart Out Cruise by clicking here or the image below!  I have already signed up and I hope you'll be joining us!


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  2. I just landed on your page via a Pinterest article. I was so shocked to see your post about the TYHO Bahamas cruise. I attended as well. In fact, we attended the same PD sessions. It was such an amazing cruise and I am already pre-registered for 2021. I hope you have an amazing school year and perhaps we will see each other on the next cruise.


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