{Favorite} Back to School Books!

 It's hard to believe we are already two weeks into the school year! One of my favorite parts of the beginning of the year are the fun read alouds that I get to share with my class! I wanted to share some of my {favorites} for the first week of school!

First Day Jitters is a MUST READ on the first day! It's a great way to talk about your feelings on the first day and let the kids know that you were nervous, too!

The Name Jar is a perfect read aloud to discuss being respectful! It's about a little girl from Korea named Unhei that is nervous to share her name with her new classmates, so they try and give her ideas for a name! It's a sweet story and I love it because of my own unusual name :) After reading the book, my students brainstormed ways that they could be respectful in our classroom!

Tattle Tale Tounge is GREAT! Joshua is a little boy that tattles, tattles, tattles! Until one day, his mom teaches him about Tattle Tounge! The Tattle Prince shows up and teaches Joshua an important lesson about tattling and warnings! Great read to discuss tattling in your own classroom and if/when it is necessary! My kids worked in groups to brainstorm examples of tattling and warnings!

I always read The Crayon Box That Talked and this year I read The Day the Crayons Quit along with it! They are wonderful to teach community and the importance of being unique! I always have my students decorate their own crayons and we discuss why it is important that we all work together as a class! 

Teaching about the invisible buckets is a {must-do!}! These are seriously GREAT books and are packed with an amazing lesson that is kid-friendly! Students learn that everyone has an invisible bucket and you can be a {bucket filler} or a {bucket dipper}. I love that the books share that when you dip another person's buckets- it empties your own as well! My students brainstormed examples of being bucket fillers and bucket dippers! We use this idea in our Morning Meeting and Afternoon Meetings each day- and discuss who filled our buckets!

What are your favorite back to school books!? I'd love to add more to my list!

Happy Teaching!

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