Currently: November!

November is here! I'm SO excited!!! I absolutely love this month! And, it just so happens to be my birthday month!

I just love linking up with Farley each month for her Currently post! Make sure to head back to her amazing blog, Oh Boy, Fourth Grade! to check out her Currently and what some other fabulous teachers are up to this month! 

Listening: My house is QUIET! Which, in a house with a 3 year old and a 7 month old, that is pretty rare! So, needless to say I am enjoying that they actually slept in today and it's quiet!

Loving: Like I said before, I just love November! I can't wait until Thanksgiving break AND my birthday! My birthday is on November 25th, so I'm always so lucky that I get the day off to be with my family! This will be Cora's first Thanksgiving! 

Thinking: Christmas shopping is on my brain! I need to get started quickly, because I can already tell that December is going to be absolutely crazy! I think I might have to go ahead and start making my list today! However, I'm nervous because anytime I start early, I end up buying more than I need! Have you started Christmas shopping?

Wanting: These have been on my list for awhile now! I think it's time to finally get a couple pairs. I've tried them on and LOVE them, just didn't want to spend the money- but now that they are 30% off- I really have no excuse! I'm only 5'3" so I'm thinking these are going to be the perfect pants for school! Has anyone else bought Pixie pants and loved them!?

Needing: My poor blog has been put aside for a little while. I've been sick and just so busy with everything going on, that I haven't made time to blog. I miss it. Time to get back into it and share all the fun we will be doing in my classroom this month!

Reading: I need your help!!! I just finished Gone Girl and need a new book to read ASAP! What are your suggestions!? 

Make sure to go back and check out Farley's blog! I hope everyone has a fabulous November!

Oh, and just because it's November and almost Thanksgving! Check out my Thanksgiving Writing Prompts, a freebie in my store

Happy Teaching,


  1. What a cute blog! I feel ya on the needing to blog more. Sometimes life just gets too busy!
    Enjoy the quiet while you can. :)

  2. I am loving the fall/winter weather! I am so excited for Christmas, too! I love the smells (cinnamon) and all the movies on ABC Family. I always over do the shopping, but no one suffers because they had too many pairs of Christmas socks and new underwear, right?? Have a wonderful birthday month!

  3. Thanks for the freebie! I too love the quiet in the morning, but today my 6 year old got downstairs before my coffee was poured. She is watching a video on the computer. Her birthday is this month too! I am hoping to start working on holiday shopping lists this week too because our Christmas Club check is on its way. Never too early to start. I got three new pairs of jeans from The Loft this past week. I actually left the one pair on all day they were so comfy. I too put blogging on mine, and I also just finished Gone Girl and am in the market for a new one...I swear I didn't copy your post! Wonder what else we have in common this month.

  4. I am OBSESSED with my Pixie pants. I bought 6 pairs when they were on sale for $25 a few weeks ago. Really, 6 pairs of versatile work slacks for $150 is truly a steal!

    I loved Gone Girl. Have you read Sharp Objects, also by Gillian Flynn? It was equally as good and much more disturbing... It kept me awake a few nights, ha!

    My Carolina Classroom

  5. November is my birthday month too! I've already started Christmas shopping. It's never too early in my world. Enjoy every minute of your little ones first Thanksgiving! Happy early birthday!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  6. I totally relate to everything in your currently! I too have Christmas shopping on my brain, I feel so far behind this year! I'm also dying for some Old Navy colored skinnies, I just haven't made time to go shopping (or blog)! I wrote about that in my currently too!

    Happy birthday month!

    Tasha Emmerson
    Confessions of a Tiny Teacher

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