We Like to Move It, Move It!

I don't know about your class, but my class loves to move! Like, all. the. time. We use GoNoodle often throughout the day, but sometimes that's not even enough. So, I try to incorporate as many activities as I can that involve movement.

My favorite math activities are {All Around the Room} activities- activities that combine math AND movement! They allow my kids to practice various math concepts independently and move around our classroom, all at their own pace.

We love them so much, that I've been making them for every concept! Addition, Money, Time, Place Value, everything! We use them so much, I haven't even taken the old ones down!

I simply hang up the cards all around the room (I do put the cards in order), give my kids the recording sheet, and GO! They've quickly learned that they can start at any card, and just have to make sure they record their answer in the correct box!

I try to print everything that I can using only black ink (I'm cheap!), so mine are usually on colored paper (or even boring white paper). However, there are super cute cards included in each of the activities! 

I just love seeing my kids engaged in math activities! This is definitely a lot more fun than the old "Sit at your desk and do this worksheet" type of activity! 

Make sure to check out all my Around the Room activities in my store!

How do you incorporate movement into your classroom?

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