Club Disney!

I am a huge Disney fan! So, when my team and I started planning our monthly celebration for our students, I was thrilled when someone mentioned a {Disney Magic Band} and all our thoughts and plans turned to a Disney theme!

Just a little background- Our school follows the PBIS framework- or Postiive Behavior Intervention & Supports. We put a large focus on positive behavior and students earn tickets for showing respectful, responsible, and role-model behavior. In my short time as a teacher, I have found that focusing on the positive creates a much more encouraging environment and have not used a "clip chart" since my very first year teaching. My friend Theresa blogged all about the positives of not using a clip chart at The Primary Peach!

Students are able to use their tickets they earn at the school PBIS store and on various classroom incentives. They are also able to save their tickets for a monthly celebration that occurs on the last day of each month!

Our monthly celebration consists of various "clubs" located in each classroom on our hallway. There are different easy (and affordable options) that our team came up with- using laptops, dancing, arts and crafts, playing games, etc.

Since we decided to focus on a Disney theme- I took on the task of combining our ideas for clubs with a Disney theme! Here is what I came up with:

For each club, I cut out a Mickey Mouse head on my Silhouette and made a sign to display on their Smartboard.

On the day of the event, students chose their top 3 clubs from the list. I had my students choose their top 3, just in case their first choice was gone by the time they got to choose. I also used the order students chose their clubs as a behavior incentive!

Once students had chosen which club they wanted to attend, they had to pay for that club with their tickets! For this particular celebration, students only had to use 5 tickets. As the year goes on, the number of tickets for our monthly clubs will increase. Once they paid their tickets, they were given a "Magic Band" which was used as their admission into the club!

Of course some students did not have enough tickets to attend or they chose not to spend any tickets for a club. So, we had different options. Students that needed to relfect on their behavior choices attended "Ratatouille Reflections" and students that did not want to spend any tickets went to the "Animation Research Library" and were able to read books and work on Disney themed word searches.

It was such a fun afternoon and all the students really enjoyed themselves, no matter what club they decided to attend. I love that everyone got to celebrate their positive behavior choices in such a fun, Disney inspired way!

For October we are going to focus on a Fall Festival theme! I can't wait to share what we come up with next!

How do you promote positive behavior in your school? In your classroom?

Happy Teaching!

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  1. Hi Chandra,
    I love this idea! We also do PBIS in my school!! Do you have a copy of the Disney posters that you could share with me? I can also email you some of the ideas that we have done at my k-4 building. I look forward to sharing ideas!