Sharing Sunday- What I'm Teaching in November!

So, November just might be one of my favorite months of the year. Being my birthday month might have a little bit to do with that! But, there are also so many fun things going on in November and I love incorporating all the fun into my lesson plans!

My friends and I at The Primary Peach are doing the planning for you next month and sharing some of our plans for November!

Here is what I'm planning on doing for reading in November!

This cute little {Turkey Craft} is the perfect activity to complete after reading some fun Thanksgiving read alouds! Your students can do so much on the turkey feathers- share the key details (character, setting, beginning, middle, end) or retell the main idea and details of the text! 

One of my most favorite activities of the year is the {Turkey Disguise} project! It compliments the book Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano perfectly! I send this home as a project for my students work on with their families, but it could easily be complete at school!

I absolutely LOVE all the disguised turkeys that come back to school! Does it get better than a Popcorn Turkey, Elsa Turkey, and even a Beyonce Turkey!?

If you've never read the book "Thank You, Sarah" by Laurie Halse Anderson, you are missing out! It is the PERFECT read aloud for November! It tells the story of Sarah, the woman who saved Thanksgiving in America! I never realized that Thanksgiving was {almost} not a holiday in the United States until I read this story! This is the perfect compliment to this story and it's FREE

If you teach non-fiction standards during November, this unit by Second Grade Stories is a MUST! I was oh, so excited when I found these amazing non-fiction units last year! They teach everything you need to know about turkeys AND there are some amazing activities that go along with the text! Trust me, MUST HAVE! 

And, of course we can't forget about writing! 

This month our focus is on informational texts, and our students will be writing All About Books! I love this little unit by Susan Jones! Students are able to research different animals and write their very own All About Book! 

And, of course we have to fit in some fun Thanksgiving themed writing prompts! I use my November Writing Prompts each morning as students come in the classroom. They cover TONS of different topics and are perfect for morning work or Work on Writing! But, I love using these Thanksgiving Writing Prompts the week before Thanksgiving! And, they are FREE! 

And, I saved the best for last! I just LOVE teaching math during November! 

This month a large focus will be on addition and subtraction strategies. I was very excited when I found this great activity to practice missing addends! I can't wait to use it! 

I love incorporating food into my lessons, and this one incorporates PIE! Students complete a pie taste test! I have parents send in all different types of pie- apple, cherry, pecan, key lime, pecan-EVERYTHING! Students choose their favorite and then we graph them! So. Much. Fun! 

Make sure to check out all the other amazing posts FULL of plans for November at The Primary Peach! Thanks for joining us!


  1. The Thanksgiving Pie Graph and tasting will be a huge hit with my first graders. Can't wait to try it! Thanks for sharing :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  2. Its good to see teachers taking that extra effort and sharing their plans and visions for the near and distant future. Our children being trained by them, i feel future is safe.

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