Music in the Classroom: Another Reason to LOVE Amazon!

Dear Amazon, 
I Love You! 

I'm addicted to music AND I'm addicted to Amazon, so you can only imagine how excited I was when I realized that my Amazon Prime membership came with an Amazon Music membership that I could use in and out of the classroom!

I love playing music in my classroom whether it's classical music, holiday music, or fun kids songs! It seems that I always have some type of music playing while my students are working. At the beginning of my teaching career I would download music onto cd's and play them on my cd player. I can't tell you how many cd's have been scratched and don't work anymore. Then, I started using Pandora on a regular basis. However, I was always very nervous about the advertisements and didn't want to pay for a membership.

I have had an Amazon Prime membership for the last few years but haven't really used it for much more than free shipping. Until NOW! I'm pretty sure I've used my Amazon Music account Every. Single. Day. since I realized how amazing it is and all it has to offer! This makes the price of a prime account even more worth the yearly membership fee!

Once you login to your Amazon Prime account, there are wo different places that you need to visit- Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Music Library.

In Amazon Prime Music, you are able to search TONS of different artists and albums.

I love the fact that brand new music in included in this, not just older stuff. Like, the brand new Adele song! You can choose to purchase the songs or albums and download them onto your computer and any device OR you can add them to your music library. So far I haven't actually purchased any music, just added tons of music to my library.

Once you are in your music library you can choose to play songs from various stations, your library, Prime playlists, or your own playlists. At home, I've played around with different stations (LOVE the Taylor Swift station). These stations are really similar to stations on Pandora. In my classroom I really enjoy listening to Prime playlists and listening to my own created playlists. You can add music from your library into your own playlists.

I created an entire Disney Lullaby playlist that I love playing during Writer's Workshop or anytime my students are working quietly. When my students are working on something fun and I don't mind if they are talking to each other, I love to play Kidz Bop songs! There is a Prime Playlist and I created my own from some of the Kidz Bop albums!

It was also perfet for Halloween to play the Kids' Halloween playlist! It's so nice knowing there aren't going to be any inappropriate advertisements! I can't wait to use it during December!!

So, seriously Amazon. I love you so much, but you NEED to offer a Prime membership for teachers. Anybody else agree!?

I hope you LOVE playing around with Amazon Music and enjoy using it in your own classrooms!

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  1. Yes I love Amazon too! Especially Prime Now where I can get my order in less than 2 hours. I will definitely have to try the Music this week. Thanks for the tip!

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