100th Day Fun!

We have officially been in school for ONE HUNDRED days!!! It's hard to believe that we only have 80 days left and my firsties will be sweet seconds. Absolutely crazy!

We really enjoyed celebrating the 100th day of school with some fun activities in the classroom!

In the morning, we discussed what we would be like when we are 100 years old! We started by brainstorming ideas and making a bubble map of all the things we would do when we were 100! I was really impressed with all the ideas they came up with- working out to look like they are still 50, how cute!?

Then, I modeled writing about being 100 years old!

Students got to write about themselves at 100 years old, then they made these cute little crafts!

At the end of the day we went on a 100th Day HUNT!!! All you need for this fun activity are dot stickers and Hershey kisses (or any other small candy). Simply write the numbers 1-100 on the dot stickers and put a sticker on the bottom of each piece of chocolate! Then, you are ready for the fun!

My co-teacher and I each hid 100 Hershey Kisses around our classroom! Each Hershey kiss had a number on the bottom and as students found them, they put the chocolate in a bucket and colored in the corresponding number on our hundreds chart on the Smartboard!

It was easy to see what numbers (and how many kisses) we were still missing by what numbers were not colored in on the hundreds chart.

When we were finished, we discussed patterns on the hundreds chart and got to enjoy our chocolate! So much fun, and a perfect way to end the day!

Want to use these activities in your classroom? Grab them (and lots more) HERE!

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  1. Oh my goodness! Those 100 year olds are ADORABLE!!! I'm loving that 100th day hunt too! I'll have to remember that for next year :)

    True Life I’m a Teacher

  2. I love your anchor chart!!! Our hundredth day is on Friday.

    A Primary Owl