{Book Looks} A Sneaky Spinach Book Review

I am SO excited to start a new series on my blog! One of my favorite things about teaching elementary school has to be the books. I absolutely LOVE finding new books to share with my students, and I'm so excited to share some of my favorites with all of you to share with your students! 

The first book I'm going to be reviewing is a book called Sneaky Spinach by Alexis Schulze! It is THE cutest book to share healthy eating habits with your students! 

The main character in this book is Nick, a little boy who doesn't like to eat fruits and vegetables, which sounds JUST like my own 5 year old son and I'm sure LOTS of the students in your classroom! 

Nick prefers to eat junk food over healthy food, but always feels tired! Nick's mom makes him a fruit smoothie each morning and some Super Spinach comes up with a plan to make sure Nick is getting the nutrition that he needs to feel better! The book follows Nick's week and shows how the nutritious spinach helps Nick become faster, more focused, and stronger! 

Alexis Schulze is the author of Sneaky Spinach and the co-founder of Nekter Juice Bar! She wrote this book as a way to encourage children to become more active, eat healthy foods, and live more happy lives! By writing this book, she was able to combine her two passions- children and living a healthy lifestyle! Her company, Nekter Juice Bar will donate $4.00 from each Sneaky Spinach book to Festival of Children Foundation, which seeks to improve lives of children by supporting charities that serve them, how AMAZING is that!? Want to learn more about Alexis, just click here! 

This books has so many different ways that you can connect it to the curriclum in the classroom! In my district, we have to teach the differences between heatlhy and unhealthy foods and this book would be PERFECT to introduce this topic! I absolutely LOVE this FREE Food Sort from True Life I'm a Teacher!

Also, the Readers' Guide that you can download with this book is absolutely INCREDIBLE! You HAVE to check it out, because it has everything you can think of to use in your classroom! You can use so many of the resources with small groups or with your whole class! And, the best part!? They are FREE! You can grab the Readers' Guide here! 

There are also some fun coloring pages that you can find here! What a perfect activity for young students! I used these at home with my own children after we read the book! Grab your free coloring pages here!

Want to use this book in your classroom!? You can grab a copy here!

Happy Teaching!

I received this book for free to provide an honest review. All of the opinions in this post are honest and impartial. 


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