Scholastic Printables: A Review and Giveaway!

So, who else LOVES anything that can help make teaching easier!? This is a HARD job y'all and I love finding resources that can really help make our jobs a little less stressful! I am so excited to share Scholastic Printables with you!

Scholastic is one of my all time FAVORITE companies as a teacher! The Scholastic Warehouse Sale really helped me stock my classroom library as a brand new teacher, and I still can't say no to the amazing bookfair! So, when Scholastic asked me to partner with them to host a giveaway for an ENTIRE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION to their printables and even shared a subscription with me, there was no way I could turn it down!
Scholastic Printables give you instant, unlimted access to thousands of skill sheets, activities, lesson plans, and more! These classroom resources are created by teachers and vetted by your trusted friends at Scholastic. Save time and money, and browse with confidence. 

When I got my subscription, I jumped right in and started to look around! There are literally THOUSANDS of different options on their website! I started my search by Grade Level, and there were tons of resources for 1st grade. I could limit my search by Learning Activities and Worksheets, Lesson Plans, Coloring Pages, Connect the Dot Activities, Flash Cards, and MORE!

One of my favorite options is to search by THEME, just look at the different options they have! The possibilites are endless! For the month of March, there are amazing resources for Dr. Seuss and so many cute St. Patrick's Day activities!

Do you want to try some out for yourself!? These fun SPRING themed resources are perfect for the primrary classroom!

And, of course all this talk wouldn't be as fun if I didn't share the love! Make sure to enter below to win your very own subscription to Scholastic printables!

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